Wednesday, 19 August 2015

We have a NEW LOOK!

Over the past 25 years of McNeil Printing, we have seen an evolution of our Logo.

Previous McNeil Printing Logos

Our last Refresh was done about 10 years ago and we decided that it was time for an updated look.
This week, we unveiled our newest logo in the McNeil Printing logo line up. And this is our favorite by far.
McNeil Printing Logo

We brought in the expertise our employee, Jeff Thorne, who is also a Graphic Designer to help us update our logo. We wanted to keep the same feel of our logo since we are recognized by our name and mark. We kept it similar but changed to brighter, richer colors and a more modern look.  We are excited how it turned out.

You will still see some of our old look as we transition all of our documents and items over to our new logo over the next few months.

One thing that hasn't changed over the years is our commitment to our customers. And our motto is still the same, Making It Happen.  We believe in the philosophy that our customers are our biggest assets.  We want to help everyone from the biggest companies, to the small start up, to even the next door neighbor.  We love what we do and we think we are one of the best.

Thanks to all of our Customers over the last 25 Years!  We know we couldn't have made it this long with out all of you!