Thursday, 12 June 2014

Our Very Own in Print

30 Business Rockstars in Their 30s

We've had to keep it hush hush for the last month or so, but now we can finally share it. Our very own, Tyler McNeil was featured in the latest edition of the Utah Valley Business Q Magazine where they featured 30 Business Rockstars in their 30's!  Look at that handsome guy!

Orem Business Owners from Utah Valley Magazine

Here are a few more questions that didn't end up in print.

- If you could have one "do over" in your career, what would it be?
I'm sure there have been plenty, but I've definitely learned from every experience, good or bad, so I probably wouldn't change anything.

- Favorite restaurant in the city you live in?
It's not in the city I live in, but very close, it's in Payson. It's called Tadka and it's Best Indian Food around!

- Favorite landmark in the city you live in?
The Spanish Fork River Trail near my house.

- Which Utah Valley pro are you dying to work with?
I'm working hard to work with all of them. :)

- Fill in the blank: When it comes to work, youth is __________.
Still Learning

- On deadline … stay up late or wake up early?
Stay up Late

- When you're working ... background music or silence?

- Takeout or home cooking?
  I love to cook, but I also enjoy eating out.

- Candy Crush, Angry Birds or Solitaire?

- E-mail, phone or text?
E-mail or Text

- Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
Finally got a Facebook account, it's a lot of fun!

- Front row or back row?
Back Row

- Movies or television?

- BYU or University of Utah?

- Monday or Friday?
Friday, Does anyone like Monday's ;)

If you want to check out the online version of the Magazine, click here!