Friday, 11 March 2016

Explore All Things Print

Explore All Things Print

Thank for Joining Us at the Big Biz Conference

We enjoyed meeting new people and connecting with current customers at the Big Biz Expo on March 9-10 at UVU. We look forward to building strong new partnerships!

The expo included tasty food from Good Thyme Eatery, Marley's Sliders, and Pyromaniacs Pizza. There were tons of giveaways, contests, and activities which made for a great conference.

Keynote speaker Rudy Reuttiger from the movie Rudy gave powerful advice about never giving up on a dream and fighting hard for what you want in spite of the naysayers. We even got him to sign a McNeil Printing notepad where he wrote "Dream Big."

Rudy Ruetteger's Signature

Other terrific speakers included Lisa Smith of 7-Touch Marketing, Dr. Scott Baird, the author of the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System, Ken Krogue of Inside Sales, and Dan Roden of Domo. There was also an informative "Women in Business" panel moderated by Jeanette Bennett of UV Business Q Magazine.

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